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Company Information

“Value-added” prepared food has exploded in recent years to show world-wide demand that’s nearing a trillion dollar marketplace. Consumers and food operators alike want time-saving and labor-saving convenience, and are showing a willingness to pay for real quality.  Commercially smoked meat and fish is a multi-billion dollar category of value-added food.

Smoky Market Foods, Inc. (“SMKY”) owns proprietary, wood-burning oven technology and process technique, and we produce a highly unique, artisan-quality of Smoke-BakedTM meat and fish that is totally superior in authenticity and wholesomeness to [commercial] competitors of smoked foods.  It is a true niche market product, which fulfills demanding consumer and foodservice operator needs, and has absolute nutritional appeal.  SMKY’s full menu line includes entrées and sliced/cut portions of beef, pork, lamb, poultry and fish that are fully cooked and meal-ready in minutes.

SMKY is a public company currently trading on the OTC Market under the ticker symbol “SMKY” and became public in September 2007 through self-registration for the purpose of securing launch financing.  SMKY produces its smoked foods under contract with a USDA meat processor located in central Iowa, where we installed a mid-sized model of our wood-burning oven that has a [wholesale] revenue capacity of $15 million annually.  SMKY’s business model has two principal operating units that build brand equity: i) retail packaged grocery sales and ii) foodservice sales for “no-cook” menu systemization. 

Business Model Highlights

SMKY’s line of proprietary, Smoke-Baked protein foods is fortuitously aligned with the current trends of consumer demand for convenience, taste, price and healthfulness.  The portion-packaging and ease of preparation fulfill life-style needs, with the flavor profile and recipe use versatility bringing culinary joy to foodie consumers and foodservice chefs alike.  SMKY will also be producing a line of OU certified Kosher smoked foods.  

SMKY’s marketing plan for retail grocery sales is to forge marketing and/or licensing affiliations with processors and packers of established, premium quality brands of frozen vegetables, pasta, rice, soups and gourmet dish recipes.  SMKY brings superb line-extension opportunity – including product and promotional support – to food companies with existing shelf space in stores that provides affiliates low-risk incremental revenue.

SMKY’s mass production of portion-packaged food for grocery sales is also an attractive benefit for foodservice [chain] operators and large institutional end-users where needs for labor-saving menu additions and increased incremental income can be fulfilled.  Selected chains of fast-casual and general dining restaurants have been identified with whom we intend to partner for branded and/or private label supply of selected SMKY products.

Ordering & Contact Information

Ordering Salmon:

Shareholders and customers may order their favorite Smoke-Baked Salmon item (Fillets or Flaked) by e-mailing customer service at and a representative will make direct contact to take the order.

Contact Management:

To request information on SMKY or to communicate with management:

Smoky Market Foods, Inc.
P.O. Box 2864
Aptos, CA 95001
General Office:  831.708.2359 * Fax Line: 866-567-0829